paintingWe don't just do B&B!

At the end of the season, new winter activities take over. For Christine, the main activity is drawing and painting. Self-taught, she has tried many subjects and mediums over the past twelve years or so, finally finding that animal portraits provide the most satisfaction - and success! Below are some examples of her work*






"The Ring-bearer"

Pastel pencil on Ingres pastel paper  (C)





"Winter Visitor"

Pen & Ink and watercolour 





"Polly Blue-tail"

Indian Ink & watercolour 





 'Solo' (Commission)

Pastel pencil on Ingress pastel paper  



 Derwent Colour Pencil on Ingres pastel paper.




Pen & Ink/ watercolour (Commission) 




'Poppy' (commission) 

 Derwent Pastel Pencils on Ingres pastel paper





 'Dottie'  (commission)

Derwent Studio Colour Pencil on Ingres Pastel Paper 




 'Sammy' (Commission)

Derwent Studio Colour Pencil on Ingres Pastel Paper 



 'Marmalade' (C)

Pastel pencil on Ingres Pastel Paper 




Pastel pencil on Ingres Pastel Paper (305 x 229mm) 



  'Whsipering Donkeys'

Pencil (Courtesy



 'Big fella'

Derwent Studio Coloured Pencil on pastel paper (280 x 200mm)  





Pen & Ink/ watercolour (Commission) 


'Big Dog' (C)

Pen & ink/ Derwent Inktense pencils (406 x 305mm) 





Derwent Studio colour pencil (280mm x 200mm)   


Patches feels Festive

  'Patches feels Festive'

Pen & Ink/Watercolour (305x229mm)





Pen & Ink/Watercolour (300x230mm)



Ton Ton

'Ton Ton' (C)

Pen & Ink/Watercolour (406x305mm)



sharing a perch

'Shared Perch'

Derwent Inktense pencils  (305 x229mm)



Old Pharoh?

'An Old Pharoh?' (C)

Derwent Inktense pencils/Pen & Ink (305 x 229mm)



Companions sharing the Sun

'Companions sharing the Sun' (C)

Pen & Ink/Watercolour (305 x 229mm)



After a Swim

'After a Swim' (C)

Derwent Inktense Pencils (305 x 229mm)


Les & Max

'Hercules & Maximus'

Derwent studio coloured pencils (406 x 305mm)  




If you would like a portrait of your furry, feathered or even woolly friend, then get in touch with Christine at

*Images marked (C) are taken from photographs kindly provided by Cecilia.